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Electronic health scale(GT131-200E)

This product has adopted eight one-chip computers of high performance and high-accuracy sensor technology, because eight one-chip computer operate procedure have zero autotracking , automatic standard , anti-interference and vibration person who discern procedure software, so, it has precision high, the digital display is steady, measure speed soon , use outstanding advantage such as being easy to operate; And is furnished with the height measurer. This extensive suitable enterprise of product , degree , hospital , health station and sports activity department measure the using of weight , height. It is the family health care, first-selected ideal of weight-reducing that measure tools too.
The top is weighed greatly : 200Kg
Minimum graduation value: 100g
Precision£ºAccord with the balance standard of OIML ¢ó grade
The height measurer measures the range £º70¡×190cm
Value of minimum graduation of the height measurer£º0.5cm
Display mode£ºLCD or LED (can be chosen according to the needs of user)
Operate the key of the keyboard: Adopting the flat touching type, have waterproof
functions, totally three function keys
The voltage of the power : It is dual-purpose to adopt and hand in directly , exchange
220V£¨+10%¡×-15%£©direct current 6V , 5Ah are non-maintaining,but rechargeable battery
Working environment : 0¡æ¡×+40¡æ¡Ü90%RHReveal wirelessly
Form of packing:
One machine in one export carton

Size of the packaging:
Export carton:990¡Á370¡Á235mm
16 CMEF Spring 2013 (2013.4.17-4.20)
14 Arab Health 2013
13 Medica 2012
3 Hospitalar 2008
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Mail£º info@china-greetmed.com
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